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Are you looking for a reliable Cincinnati party tent rental company? Congratulations, you have made it to the right spot. Academy Rental Group has provided party tent rentals in Cincinnati for more than 25 years, and it has awarded us with thousands of returning customers. Our vast experience in this industry makes Cincinnati’s go-to choice for outdoor tent rentals.    We work hard to provide a customer experience that exceeds your expectation. 

Academy rental group is happy to offer rental services for various occasions. You can hire us for party tent rentals, outdoor tent rentals, and backyard tent rentals for various events like birthday parties, weddings, spiritual events, and much more! Our inventory is filled with modernized frame tents, pole tents, high peak tents, and walkway tents.  

So, if you have decided to have an event and are searching for “tent rentals near me,” you are in the right place because we offer exceptional party tent rental services with elegant tent structures and affordable rates. Make your next event unforgettable with our trusted party tent rental Cincinnati, offering quality shelter for any occasion.

Party Tent Rentals

When we are contracted for your party tent rental, we provide an experience that will prove to be the best rental service for your party. Often there is some confusion while researching the different types of party tents they should choose for their party. There are a lot of options for such a simple request.   Occasionally,  it seems to be very confusing and difficult when selecting the proper tent, and there are many sizes of tents you can choose from. Below, we will detail them one by one, the most common styles to make it easier for you to choose yours.

4 Most Common Types of Party Tents

There can be several different types of party tents that you can choose from while appointing party tent rentals. In fact, any shelter under which you can arrange a party is called a party tent. But in the modern age, people are pickier about their party arrangements, so they want to choose the best party tent for throwing their party under it. 

If you still have questions about the tent styles after you have gone through the below options, check out our blog on Here, or feel free to contact us directly. 

1. Pole Tents

As the name suggests, these tents contain side poles but, most importantly, center poles.  The size of the pole tents varies based on your preference and allowable space. Tent size typically ranges from 20 by 20 to much larger size like 40×100 or even 60×100 and larger.  Typically with a pole tent, for every size other than a 30′ wide tent, the sizes’ increments are done in 10’s.  

As poles support these tents, the tent’s tension is created by stakes driven into the group and keep the tent straight.  Moreover, this type of tent is available in various colors and diversified types; this is also the most economical tent. 

2. Frame Tent

Frame tents don’t need a center pole for support. Frame tents are metallic structures with rooftops and perimeter legs. The tent structure and legs are the actual support system of this type of tent.   Any frame tent option is great for your outdoor tent rentals, no matter what size party you are having. 

You can choose this type of tent for both indoor and outdoor parties. 

3. High Peak Pole Tents and Frame Tents

Both pole and frame tents offer an upgraded version in a “High Peak” a high peak frame tent is really the perfect party tent rental option because it adds a “flare” for your outdoor tent rental.  The high peak provides the “swooping” effect that accentuates the peak providing an elegant look for any event. 

4. Instant Canopies / DIY Tents

Canopies are the most convenient type of tents that are very easy to set and are least expensive.  Occasionally referred to as EZ Up Tents or Tailgating tents, these tents are easy and quick to install but are limited in their size range and durability.  These style tents require a customer set up before the event and a takedown after the event.  These canopies don’t need any central pole to get support.

Of all of our party tent rental options, this is the least popular but is an option for quick setups or small areas.  

Outdoor Tent Rentals In Cincinnati

Outdoor parties are fascinating. People arrange outdoor parties mostly during the summer season, due to the nice weather. There are lots of reasons to have an outdoor function or a get-together with friends and family. Planning these events can become stressful; we all need refreshments from time to time.

Consider the fact that outdoor parties are fun, but besides this, these parties are also difficult to manage due to many boxes to check on your party planning checklist.   To make your party successful, you need to make and execute a party plan. That plan will cover details of every sector and category of your party. You have to set a budget and then choose good drinks, sitting arrangements, and a tent.

So, how will you be thinking of arranging a party without outdoor tent rentals?  We believe that outdoor party rentals are essential if you want to send your guests happy from your party.

What do we, as outdoor party rentals, do, and how beneficial are we for your party? Could you have a glance at it?

Why Choose Us for Your Outdoor Party Tent Rentals

We, as outdoor tent rentals, are very concerned about our customers and their needs. Our customers and their party is our priority. We are here to enhance your party with the best-looking and attractive outdoor tent. You can choose your favorite tent from our listing, and we will exceed your expectations with our excellent customer service.

 Here are some other benefits and advantages that you can have while having Academy rental group as your outdoor tent rentals.

1. We offer a variety of outdoor tent rentals

We have a wide variety of tent sizes and styles for any occasion. So we have kept a variety of tents, in their types, designs, colors, and sizes. You don’t have to stick to the same or ordinary type of tent for your party or any other outdoor function. Also, we have tents according to the themes. There are wedding tents, party tents, get-together tents, and many more to choose from to fit any guests count.

2. We are Affordable, save Money with us

We offer many different tent options for any size budget. So, you don’t have to worry about the pricing of such services. People think this will be very costly to contract us for our services or hire outdoor tent rentals for their weddings and parties, but it is affordable. But after hiring us, you will be delighted with our products, services, and pricing.  Finally, renting is a much more affordable option than purchasing. 

3. Multiple Services on a Budget

Yes, you can manage to have multiple services on a small budget if you host your party in assistance with Academy Rental Group. Along with, tenting service, we will provide table rental services, chair rental services. By utilizing all of our services, you will only need to contact one supplier for those items and manage one delivery.  We are happy to assist you in your party planning.

4. Design Options and Flexibility

There are several different design options that we provide for your tents. You can select your favorite one based on our recommendation or choose one of your own. After all,  It is your party, so the choice is yours.  Don’t worry about the sizes and designs; we are here to provide you with whatever design you like. 

In short, it is better to work with outdoor tent rentals because they can save you from the hassle of a lot of things. Also, you can save your money and time too. So after working in coordination with us, you will be able to host a successful party or an event.

Backyard Tent Rentals

If you need professional backyard tent rentals that are friendly and supportive, the Academy Rental Group is your tent rentals team. Our friendly staff has worked with thousands of customers over the years.   Our years of experience make us a leader in the party rental industry in this industry. 

Party Tent Specialist

We specialize in all types of parties, especially backyard parties. Unlike other companies, who only want to arrange big parties and weddings, we are happy to work with our clients that are planning smaller events. We serve our customers with complete dedication. 

Our Packages

We offer tent packages for our customers. You can choose whatever suits your party and the number of guests. If you wish to arrange a party for a large number of guests, you may want to consider increasing your tent’s size.  But if you have a small party with minimum guests, you can choose a smaller package accordingly.

Learn More About the Backyard Tent Rental

Our Process

We aim to provide a simple, affordable, and unique plan for backyard tent rentals that can help you make your party the most enjoyable one. Not everyone has all the information about the tent rental process, so we will share some pointers with our readers to help them out in learning the entire booking process. 

Select a Date

The date is the first item to select when throwing a party.   Make sure that you have the date narrowed down for your event so we can check availability.  Please keep in mind; we typically will deliver and pick up during the week for your weekend backyard tent rentals. For those of you hosting weekday parties in your backyard, we can assist with those also.  

Number of Guests

In the early stages of planning, it will be difficult to know the exact number of guests attending your party. At that time, you can estimate expected guests. It allows good to allow a small buffer to ensure if you have an increase in guests, you have enough tent space and accessories to accommodate them.  

Space and Area Where Tents are Placed

Once you have identified the date and number of guests, we need to know the available space or the area where you need to place a tent for your party. It would be best if you chose a flat open area. Typically those are located in your backyard, where there are fewer number trees and shrubs because those can interfere with tent placement and installation. 

This is the entire process of backyard tent rentals that you have to follow up with while hiring us or any other company.

Also, not every tent rental company is the same. Every company has its different motive and frame of work. Many companies aim to arrange big parties such as wedding functions, while others arrange small parties or homely get-togethers.

Academy rental group provides high-quality services for both large and small events. We treat all of our customers the same regardless of the size of your event. We will work with our customers to build out your event and provide affordable options for you. 

In short, Academy rentals Group is a perfect choice for Cincinnati party tent rentals, outdoor tent rentals, and backyard tent rentals. We have successfully worked with our customers to plan their events for over 25 years. 

Contact us to turn your backyard into a wonderful party venue.  Our trained staff is amiable and helpful.   Just call or message us here, and we will provide the best quote regarding your party’s requirements.