Frequently asked questions

Learn all about event rental in Cincinnati with Academy Rental Group here using our FAQ’s

Event Rental in Cincinnati

What do I need to setup a reservation?

  • Your delivery address
  • Day of the event contact and contact phone number
  • Sign the the quote and our terms and conditions
  • Your credit card number
  • 50% Non-refundable Deposit

How do I return the signed documentation?

  • You can scan and email
  • Send via USPS Mail
  • Take a picture with your phone and email it to us

How soon should I book the reservation?

We recommend that you book the reservation when you know you want to move forward to ensure that we allocate the inventory for your event. As a heads up, the busiest months of the year for rentals are May, June, and September.


How does delivery and pick up timing work?

  • Standard delivery for a weekend event is on a Thursday or Friday
  • Standard pick up for a weekend event is on a Monday or Tuesday
  • Weekend and Special Delivery Times can be accommodated


About Tables

Event-rental-in-CincinnatiHow many guests can fit at a 60” round table?

8 guests are most comfortable; 9 guests are possible. If you place 10 at the table, not everyone’s laps will fit under the table.

How many guests can fit at an 8’ banquet table?

8 guests are the most comfortable; 9 guests are possible. If you place a guest at each end of the table, you can accommodate 10 guests.

About Tents

Do I need a permit for my tent?

Your local municipality and county may require a permit and/or zoning certificate for your tent.

Requirements for permits vary based on the size of the tent, location and whether the area is zoned residential or commercial.

If a permit is required for your tent, it’s up to you if you would like to obtain the permit or contract Academy Rental Group to obtain the permit for your event.

We are here to assist with any questions, guidance or assistance in processing any permit and/or zoning certificate.


How much space is required for a tent?

Pole Tent: A pole tent requires an extra 5’ on each side of the tent for staking. For example, if the tent is 20’ x 30’, it requires a 30′ x 40’ flat grassy area.

Frame Tent: A frame tent has a smaller footprint and only requires an extra 2’ on each side for staking.


How do you anchor a frame tent?

Use stakes or water barrels to anchor a frame tent.  If you choose water barrels, please make sure there is access to water (a hose bib).


What are your most popular rental items aside from tents?

Coolers, trash cans, high top tables, tent lighting, wireless speakers


How should I prepare for the delivery of the tent?

  • Ensure the area where the tent will be placed is cleaned
  • Clean up all animal fecal matter
  • Remove all furniture (if applicable)
  • Remove all obstructions from the location of the tent

What happens if I cancel the tent?

If a customer cancels the tent but not the other items in the quote, then they forego the 50% deposit on the tent.

Right before your event

When do I need to notify you of my final numbers for delivery?

We ask that you provide us with final numbers a minimum of 1 week prior to delivery.

Are table and chair setup and takedown included?

We offer complete setup and takedown of every table and chair for an additional cost.

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