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Are you searching for a way to cover garage walls, divide rooms in your office, provide a nice backdrop for a wedding or stage but can’t find the solutions?  Our customers utilize an occasional overlooked product to transform their area for their guests is our Pipe and drape.   Pipe and Drape Rental Cincinnati has been utilized to provide a trade show booth for your expo, a wedding backdrop for behind your head table, stage backdrops, masking to cover areas that you would like to hide from guests like items in your garage, room dividers and even changing room areas. Pipe and Drape are excellent products for all different types of events.

Cincinnati’s Premier Pipe and Drape Rental Company​

Academy Rental Group has over 25 years of experience servicing many different locations, from Paul Brown Stadium, Duke Energy Center, the Oasis golf center, and smaller locations and churches.  We have the knowledge and expertise to execute your pipe and drape rental needs flawlessly.  Our wide variety of drape color options come in many different sizes.   We provide custom layouts for our customers.  If you are having an expo for 300 vendors, trying to separate an area at your business, or just trying to hide some of your personal belongings in the garage that you don’t have time to clean up before your party, we have the inventory to accommodate your request.  

Pipe and Drape Rental Cincinnati
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What is Pipe and Drape?

Pipe and Drape rentals are a product commonly used within the event industry. There is a countless, functional way to apply the pipe and drape to enhance your event. But before we get into our Top 8 ways to enhance your event with pipe and drape, let’s go into the nuts and bolts of what pipe and drape are. 

Pipe and Drape are a combination of individual products used to temporarily divide, hide, and/or decorate a space. An individual section of pipe and drape is typically between 6′ – 12′. Each Individual section can be linked together to form a larger section, to cover larger areas. So, if you are trying to cover a wall of 100′, each pipe and drape section would be linked together in 10′ increments to cover the wall. The most common length provided for pipe and drape section is 10.’ 

What is required for 1 section of Pipe and Drape

To build out one section of pipe and drape, you would need the following.

  1. 2 Base Plates
  2. 2 Uprights 
  3. 1 Crossbar
  4. 3-4 Panels of Drape
The more creative you want to get with the pipe and drape, the more materials you need. Two Tier drape(detailed below in our Head Table Backdrop section) requires additional hangers and drape.  The drape’s height is typically between 8′ – 21′ tall depending on the application, but primarily the most common is 8′.   You can also thicken up your sections by adding more drapes. We typically do this for changing room setups and other areas where a “black-out” is required. 

How to Install Pipe and Drape

To build one section of pipe and drape, please follow the below steps:

  1. Two base plates that will be placed on the floor
  2. Two uprights that will slide over the pines of the base plates
  3. Before installing the crossbar, you will want to thread the drape over the crossbar. Similarly to threading a curtain rod, the drapes have a pocket in them to slide over the crossbar
  4. Once the drapes are placed on the crossbar, the crossbar is installed on the two uprights by attaching it to each crossbar
  5. Repeat as necessary to complete your use of pipe and drape.

Cincinnati Pipe and Drape Rental Colors and Sizes

While Black and White are the most common colors for all events, we offer many different color options. Our core color options for drape are navy, spring green, light blue, red, royal blue, beige, silver, yellow, hunter green, and many more.  We also have skirting to match our drape colors.   Our standard drape height is 8′ and the corresponding 3′ drape for any expo booth.  We also offer taller drapes in Banjo, and some colors like Black come in Dull Drape.

Our standard drape is Banjo Drape and comes in 4’x8′ Sections. We also offer the below size drape:

  • 3′ Tall x 4′ Wide Drape
  • 8′ Tall x 4′ Wide Drape
  • 10′ Tall x 4′ Wide Drape
  • 12′ Tall x 4′ Wide Drape
  • 16′ Tall x 4′ Wide Drape
  • 21′ Tall x 4′ Wide Drape

Our customers have utilized our pipe and drape for:

  • Indoor Convention Booths / Trade Expo Booths
  • Wedding Backdrop Drapes
  • Pipe and Drape Room Divides
  • Cover Garage walls and shelving for parties
  • Stage Backdrops 
  • Pipe and Drape Masking
  • Pipe and Drape Stanchions
Christine H.
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I am so thankful for Academy Rental Group! I ordered pipe and drape, chairs, and a stage to be set up for an event this precious weekend. All of items delivered were of high quality and looked awesome! On top of that, the customer service was EXCEPTIONAL. The location had stairs to maneuver, and a difficult barrier to entrance and the staff was friendly and willing to do anything to help us out! Specifically, Ryan, Tony, and Tremele were outstanding! I will definitely use them again in the future!
Cincinnati Pipe and Drape Rental

Custom Layouts

We have 25 years of experience working in the expo and event space. With that experience comes vast knowledge and expertise in assisting our customers in planning their events. We can provide custom layouts for your event; if you plan an expo for 200 vendors at the Sharonville Convention Center, we can assist you with the detailed layout of those booths in that space, maximized for the best flow for your event.

Optional Set Up & Take Down Services Services

Pipe and drape are straightforward to install if you are doing a short run of approx 20,’ but as the runs get longer, it can become time-consuming.   Some of our customers like to do it independently, and others request our set up and take down services.  As part of our services, we offer set up and takedown of the pipe and drape.  Our professionally trained staff will install the drape, lie out the base plates, uprights, threading the crossbars with the drape, and connecting it all.  We can also come in when your event is over and break it all down and remove it.  This service allows our customers to focus on other aspects of their event and still have the peace of mind to know we will complete it.  If this is a service you are interested in, please let us know.  

Contact Us Today to Discuss your Upcoming Needs:  513-772-1929
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About Academy Rental Group

Academy Rental Group is a full-service event rental company offering a boutique customer service approach and high-quality, clean products.  We know that planning an event can be challenging. For over 25 years, we have helped thousands of customers successfully plan their events.  Our professionally trained staff will work hand in hand with you to plan your event; we are there with you if things change to ensure your event is a success.  We specialize in providing memorable, stress-free events by providing rental products to enhance our customer’s events. Our customer-centric approach to exceeding our customer’s expectations has helped us service thousands of events over the years, from small backyard parties to large community events and every size corporate event and wedding in between.  We will ensure that your event is installed safely and ready to go for your event and look forward to planning your event with you.  We are fully insured with the Huesman Schmid Insurance Agency, a Member of the ARA, the proud supplier of  Anderson Township Events many other small and large Cincinnati venues.

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