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As a small, family-owned business, we’re accessible and responsive. Most of all, we truly care about making your event rental memorable.

We were once two “competing” companies, but we never really acted like it. Instead of fighting for business, we went to events together for inspiration, rented equipment from each other when we needed more inventory, and passed along referrals for businesses we didn’t have the capacity to take on.

We realized, therefore, that we were doubling our efforts when it came to buying equipment, hiring employees, and even marketing ourselves in the same areas. Yet, we were limiting our customers by keeping our inventory separate.

So one day—over golf and a few beers—we decided that our companies, A GoGo Events Rental and Academy Rentals, would be better together. For operations, for employees, but most importantly, for customers.

Now we’re a full-service event rental company whose inventory just doubled (and we’ll keep expanding), creating choices for every customer, no matter the event.

Event Rental in Cincinnati

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We look forward to working with you on your next event! We also use Reiner Leads for all our Marketing needs. 

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