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Are you googling “Tent Rentals in Cincinnati” or  “Tent Rental near me” to find a tent rental company for your upcoming event?  Adding a  Cincinnati tent rental will certainly enhance your upcoming event.  Academy Rental Group is Cincinnati’s premier tent rental company.  We have proudly serviced thousands of events in our hometown for over 25 years.  Our experienced staff is passionate about creating memorable events that are streamlined and stress-free. When looking for a Cincinnati tent rental, you need a reliable and dependable company to help you with your event planning.

Academy Rentals offer a wide range of tent options; we have elegant white tents suitable for weddings and outdoor gatherings.  A tent rental is the best addition to any outdoor event.  ARG offers a wide range of tent styles, sizes, and accessories to accommodate any number of guests attending your special occasion.  We also provide guidance for tent placement and complimentary customized tent layouts!

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Erin B.
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"Academy Rental Group was instrumental in helping to create a beautiful backyard wedding experience - providing tables, chairs, linens, and a last minute addition of an immaculate and perfectly sized event tent (due to unpredictable Cincinnati weather) - at an incredibly reasonable price. They provided quick, easy, professional set up service and answered all our questions. The staff went above and beyond our expectations and truly helped us to make the day perfect for our family. While some other companies were not answering their phones and were not responsive in a timely manner, Academy Rental Group was available and enthusiastic about providing excellent service. I would HIGHLY recommend Academy Rental Group!"

How Do our Cincinnati Tent Rentals Work?

First, once you have decided that there is a need to rent a tent, it’s best to identify where the tent’s location will be located on your property. To assist you, we have provided 8 Tent Planning questions below.  With that information, you can contact us, your friendly Cincinnati Tent Rental Company :). We can walk you through our 3 step process or submit a quote request form. It’s up to you!   

Academy Rental Groups, Easy, 3 Step Process:

  1. Listen: Understand your event needs, even if you’re not 100% sure on the specifics.
  2. Plan: Provide insight and recommendations to make your vision a reality.  
  3. Deliver: We worry about the details so you can have a relaxing event with your guests.

We are here with you all along the way during the planning process. 

8 Planning Questions to Expedite Your Quote and Layout

When planning to rent a tent, there are criteria to consider when preparing for your tent rental to identify the tent’s style that would work best for your event. To assist our staff in expediting your event quote and layout, please review the 8 Tent Planning Questions below.    If you do not have all the answers, we will help you work through these questions, so please don’t hesitate to call.

  1. Will the tent be placed in a flat grass area, on blacktop, concrete, patio, or deck?
  2. Are we able to stake on all sides of the tent? If not, how many sides are we able to stake on?
  3. What type of event are you planning?
  4. Are there underground utilities that you are aware of, private or public, in the area where the tent will be located? (As a service, we will call OUPS to mark any public lines)
  5. What is the size of the area where you would like the tent placed?
  6. How many guests would you like under the tent at one time?
  7. What other items would you like under the tent? (i.e., Guest’s tables, food tables, bar, cake table, high top tables, dance floor stage, etc.).
  8. Can the truck access the area within 30’ of where the tent will be located?

What is the Right Tent Style for My Event?

There are two main tent styles in the world of tents, a pole tent and a frame tent.  With each style, there are high peak pole tents and high peak frame tents.   The type of event you’re holding, the location of where the event is being held, and the number of attending guests will dictate the tent required.  Which is the best option for your event? What is the difference between a pole tent vs. a frame tent?  To learn more about the different tent styles, please click here or watch the video below. 

Not Sure what tent is best for your Location? Check out this video...

Tent Rentals in Cincinnati: Anchoring Options

There are typically two options for tent anchoring; staking and water barrels/ concrete ballast.  Anchoring is an important criterion for identifying which style tent will work best based on the desired location. If a tent can be staked on all sides and is going into grass, a pole tent should work for your event. If your tent is located on a patio, driveway, parking lot, etc., and can only be partially staked or not staked at all, a frame tent would be required for your event.  Frame tents have the most flexibility and can be utilized in the grass also. 

Anchoring Options: 
  1. Staking:

    This system is driving 42″ long stakes into the ground and can be done in the grass, mulch, gravel in areas like yards and driveway perimeters. The stakes are set and then driven into the ground utilizing a stake driver, jackhammer, or sledgehammer.  Occasionally staking is utilized in asphalt or blacktop, primarily at commercial locations.  When installing stakes into asphalt, a drill is utilized to pre-drill where the stake will be located, and then the staked are driven into the ground with a stake driver, a jackhammer. *It’s company policy to call the underground utility protection services before installation, providing enough lead time is provided by the customer.  Only public utility lines are marked via that service. Each location should notify us of any sprinkler systems or private water, gas, or electric lines in the tent areas to avoid those driving in the 42″ long stakes. 

  2. Water Barrels/Concrete Ballast:

    As alternative anchoring, this anchoring system is utilized when stakes can not be driven into the ground. Water barrels are typically filled onsite and require access to water to fill the barrels. If no access is available, concrete ballast or pre-filled barrels can be used to anchor any of the tent areas where stakes can not be utilized.  With this system, there are more obstructions around the tent than just a standard stake. However, nothing is driven into the ground, and underground utilities would not need to be marked. 

Cincinnati Tent Rental Styles

Once the location and tent anchoring options have been identified, you can search for your event’s right-style tent.  We have divided up our tenting options below with a brief description of each style.   Once we have identified your tent’s location and the estimated guest count, we can provide recommendations for the tent that will work best for you.  If you have any questions along the way or need guidance, you can contact us via phone or fill out the form below to receive a tent rental quote.

Pole Tent

Pole tents are typically installed in a flat, unobstructed grassy area or a gravel/asphalt parking lot, where staking is approved. This style tent is raised with the interior center poles and is anchored into the ground using tension with a ratchet strap and 42″ stages. An additional 5′ –  7′ is required outside the tent’s perimeter for the stake line.  

High Peak Pole Tent

High Peak Pole Tents are our most elegant style tent.  Primarily used for weddings, formal events, and galas. Our High Peak tents have taller center poles, which provide the “swoop” on the tent, providing an elegant look.  The center poles for a high peak are 5′ – 7′ taller than the standard pole tent.  This style of tent is installed with stakes and ratchets, just like a standard pole tent. 

Frame Tent

Frame tents have no center poles and are the most versatile of the tent types.  They can be anchored with 42” stakes, ballast (water barrels), or a combination of both.  Frame tents are typically installed on patios, driveways, concrete, grass, or where staking is limited or not permitted.

High Peak Frame Tent

High peak frame tents are a hybrid style with a similar installation method to the traditional frame tent.  A center mast is attached to a pair of cross cables, which gives the desirable high peak and classic swoops of a pole tent.  This style tent can be anchored with ballast (water barrels) or staked into the ground

Clear Top Tent Rental

A clear top tent is most popular starting in September for those fall weddings.  Unique in its style, a clear top brings in the night’s outdoor elements and provides shelter for your guests.  Clear tent tops are placed over a standard west coast, so the installation requirements are the same. 

Custom CAD Drawings and 360 Degree Virtual Tours

At Academy Rental Group, we take the guesswork of wondering what your tent will look like with all of your tables and chairs under it. As part of our free services, we provide complimentary CAD layouts that help our customers visualize what your tent layout will look like.  Our staff can also provide a 360-degree virtual tour of your tent. All of these benefits come with unlimited changes to your layout.

Onsite Consultation

With all the technology today in google earth and many other software platforms, it’s not uncommon to be able to identify your tent location options and/or space constraints right from our office. Having a well-trained, friendly staff also helps!  However,  for our customers that are unsure of where they would like to place the tent or would like to walk through a larger event, like a wedding or corporate event, we would be more than happy to meet you onsite to review ideas and options to assist you in planning your event.  At that time, we can leverage our experience and provide any recommendations that could enhance your event. 

Cincinnati's Favorite Outdoor Tent Rental Company

In addition to our large selection of tents, we also carry fun festival tents and booth designs that are perfect for any Festival. We can accommodate many types of events that need tent rentals, so if you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us, and one of our friendly staff members will be glad to help.

Our different types of tent rental options are pole tents, frame tents, high peak pole tents, engineered tents, festival booths, high peak frame tents, frame tents, DIY pop-up tents, and tent packages. We have the right tent options for you; we can help.

When you choose the perfect tent rental Cincinnati option for your party, we can help accessorize your tent. Academy has lighting options, heating, cooling, and other accessories that make your tent complete. When renting a tent, keep in mind the weather; you can order sidewalls that help keep out wind and rain or have no sidewalls so the sun can shine into your tent.

Tent Rental Cincinnati Pricing

Frame Tents for Hard Surfaces

High Peak Frame Tents

Frame Tent Packages

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Our tent rental options are the best way to create additional shelter and space for your guests at any location.  Tents offer protection from the summer heat and potential rain and instantly add an elegant flair to your outdoor event.  We also carry a wide variety of tables, linens, and chair rentals that are great additions to any party tent rental.  Academy Rental Group is the one-stop-shop for all the event essentials and accessories to complement your tent rental.

Tent Rental Cincinnati
Samantha T.
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I had the best experience working with Ian. He took the time to come out to our venue multiple times since we were having it at my parents house. He was very responsive whenever I had a question or needed to change something very minor. The set up crew made up of Ryan, Dillion, Jarrod and Tramel were very professional and asked lots of questions during set up to make sure the tents were exactly how I pictured them to be! I couldn’t of asked for a better group of people to help my special day be perfect!

Classic White Tents for Rent in Cincinnati

Our classic white tents are a fantastic backdrop for any decor.  When renting a tent, be sure to put aside time to decorate your tent before your guests arrive!  Leave the hard work to us.  Our tent rentals include free installation and take-down service, allowing you to focus on what matters…entertaining your guests and creating a memorable experience!

After your event, we disassemble the tent onsite and return it to our warehouse.  Our Delivery Fee includes Pickup Service.  Our process is simple and uncomplicated.  Reach out to one of our professional team members with any questions.  We are happy to help in any way possible!

Commercial Grade Tent Washer For Cleaning

“How do you keep your tents so clean?” – our customers ask our staff.  Our answer;  A commercial-grade tent washer and some good old-fashioned TLC.    Whether you are renting a tent for a graduation party, wedding, corporate event, or any other event, trust in Academy Rental Group to ensure that we will provide a clean, high-quality tent for your event.  Not only do we utilize our quality control process when installing and dismantling a tent to keep your tent clean, but we also place tarps on the ground to keep a separation from the ground from the tent.

We also own and utilize a large commercial tent washer. Our tent washer is similar to the washer you utilize for your clothes at home, only this one is much larger and made for tents.  We clean our tent before being set up for each event.  The results of the tent washer are really incredible. We can ensure that our tents are bright white for your event by utilizing our quality control process complemented with our industry tent washer, leaving our customers extremely satisfied with our tents’ quality and cleanliness.  

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

What size tent do I need for 48 Guests?

The most common size tent we offer for 48 guests is a 20×30 tent which comfortably holds 6 tables and 48 guests seated at one time.   This would be for guests dining only. If you needed to add other items under the tent, the tent’s size would increase. 

What Size Tent do I need for 150 Guests

The size tent required to accommodate 150 guests at one time would really depend on what you would like under the tent if you are only looking for tables and chairs for dining and food tables.  A 40×60 tent would large enough tent for 150 guests. As you add more items under the tent(i.e., dance floors, stage, head table), the tent’s size will need to increase. 

How much does it cost to rent a 40x60 tent?

The most economical option for a 40×60 tent is a pole tent. A 40×60 pole tent rents for between $930 – $1030, depending on if you go with a standard or high peak pole tent.  If you are unable to stake the tent and require a frame tent, the rental cost is $1610, plus the anchors’ cost.

Prices do not include tent accessories, tables, chairs, linens, delivery, and/or a tax based on your location. 

Cincinnati's Premier supplier

Academy Rental Group is a full-service event rental company offering a boutique customer service approach and high-quality, clean products.  We know that planning an event can be challenging. For over 25 years, we have helped thousands of customers successfully plan their events.  Our professionally trained staff will work hand in hand with you to plan your event; we are there with you if things change to ensure your event is a success.  We specialize in providing memorable, stress-free events by providing rental products to enhance our customer’s events.

Our customer-centric approach to exceeding our customer’s expectations has helped us service thousands of events over the years, from small backyard parties to large community events and every size corporate event and wedding in between.  We will ensure that your event is installed safely and ready to go for your event and look forward to planning your event with you.  We are fully insured with the Huesman Schmid Insurance Agency, a Member of the ARA, the proud supplier of  Anderson Township Events many other small and large Cincinnati venues.

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