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When planning a wedding reception seating arrangement, the focus is often spent on guest seating.  The Head Table is front and center and should be considered when planning out your Head Table layout.  Often, our customers look to us for guidance for the best wedding head table layout ideas and configurations.

Of course, the venue/location and the amount of space provided will be some of the most significant factors when it comes to your seating layout.  Other things to consider include (but are not limited to) the table centerpieces and decorations, the number of people included in your wedding party (and their significant others, children, etc.), the overall flow and movement of the reception, and the never-to-be-forgotten comfort of you and your guests.  Whether you prefer a traditional setup or you want to go for something a bit more unconventional, we want to encourage you to explore the many options available for your head table.  Below are some examples and descriptions of these options, including possible pros and cons, modified and customized to become the perfect head table for your special day.

1. Traditional Wedding Head Table Layout

The most common wedding head table layout, is this traditional style.    The Bridal Party is seated together at one long table, facing the guests at the reception.  The number of tables needed will be determined by the number of people included in the Bridal Party.  This option is popular for outdoor tented receptions and indoor receptions with a space center’s dance floor.  Even the most traditional Head Table can be modified to suit your needs.

Standard – Connect several 8′ x 30″ or 6′ x 30″ banquet tables in a single long row. Then place chairs on the same side facing the guests.  The married couple is seated centered in the middle, with the bridal party seated on either side. 

U-Shaped:  Ideal for receptions where you want to wrap the Head Table around the dancefloor.  Connect rectangular banquet tables in a perpendicular direction to include additional seating for the newlyweds’ parents or to seat the Bridal Party’s dates.

2. Sweetheart Table

A small table exclusively for the married couple.  We discussed this briefly in our last blog post titled Choosing the Right Tables for your GuestsThis is a great and simple option to focus solely on the newlyweds, allowing them to enjoy the evening together at their very own intimate table.  This will also give the attending guests additional space to come up and greet them.  Making it easier for the couple to move about the event without needing to walk around a large head table.  This is becoming one of the more  popular wedding head table layouts.  A 48” Round Table is the most popular size for the Sweetheart Table.  A 4’ x 30” Banquet Table is also a perfect table for two.

3. Combination of Sweetheart and Traditional

Here is a setup to give you the best of both worlds; a traditional and sweetheart hybrid.  Place the Sweetheart Table in the center, and set up Banquet Tables on each side.  This will allow the wedding party to be seated together in one area while giving the married couple their exclusive table.  Having additional space around the Sweetheart Table will prevent the couple from getting “trapped” behind the Head Table each time they get up to dance, cut the cake, or make a trip to the bar!

Standard – Place a 48” Round Sweetheart Table in the center and connect rectangular banquet tables on one side for the Groomsmen and on the other side for the Bridesmaids.

V-Shape Variation – Here is a modified version of the Standard Combination that would work in a venue where the Head Table can be positioned in the corner of the space.

4. Serpentine Head Table

Want to give the Traditional Head Table an upgrade with some visual interest?  Adding curved Serpentine Tables to the Head Table ends is a creative way to provide a softer, contemporary look.  Extend the table further to seat even more at the Head Table by adding additional Banquet Tables for a U-Shaped Head Table with curved corners.

5. 'King Arthur' or 'King's Table'

This Head Table setup will make a great focal point is placed in the center of your reception.  By placing a block of 8’ x 30” Banquet Tables or 6′ x 30″ Banquet Tables in a wider square shape, the first setup is shown can seat 20 of the Bridal Party.  The married couple would be seated together at the head of the King’s Table.  This arrangement would work well for a family-style meal or more elaborate centerpieces and table decorations.  This setup type can also be modified by adding additional tables in the center for even more table space.

6. Large Round Wedding Head Table Layout

Not a fan of the rectangular Banquet Tables?  Already decided on Round Guest Tables and want to keep everything uniform?  Seat the Wedding Party at large round tables!  This is a great way to seat both families at their own table, and with a round Sweetheart Table between the two, it’s simply another variation of the Combination Head Table.

7. Stage/Riser Sweetheart Table

Put the sweetheart table on a small stage to bring attention and focus to the newlyweds.  Place additional tables on either side of the stage for the wedding party and add Pipe and Drape’s run behind the stage and tables as a focal point and backdrop.

8. Family Style Head Table

This option would work well for a rehearsal dinner or a smaller reception that is limited to close friends and family.  Everyone would be seated at one long row of banquet tables with guests sitting on both sides of the table.

9. No Head Table... Is that a thing?

 Although Head Tables are almost always a part of any wedding reception, it is NOT required to have one!  The whole reason blog posts like these are created to become more informed and inspired when researching a specific topic.  Sometimes, the most unconventional or non-traditional choices we make are the ones that have the most significant impact.  Eliminating the Head Table can give you the freedom to enjoy your reception to its fullest.  Add a couple of extra chairs at each guest table.  Please make a special stop to sit with your friends, neighbors, and extended family at their table throughout the night.  By including yourself and your new partner amongst your guests, everyone is sure to leave with a personalized memory to take with them.

Can you Rent Tables to design your head table for your wedding?

Just a quick note about our detailed list of wedding head table ideas and configurations.  Most indoor venues will supply their own tables, limiting your head table configuration options to their inventory availability.   You can utilize the tables that the venue provides, or you can rent tables to design your own head table configuration for your wedding. Regardless of whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, you have options to obtain your desired head table configuration want.   

Design Your Own Head Table For your Wedding

If you have an idea of a unique design for your head table configuration, we can help you design it. We have a large inventory of table rentals in our Cincinnati inventory to design any head table configuration.  We can design out your idea, take your Pinterest inspiration, or brainstorm with you.  So, if something custom is what you are looking for, we will work with your vision to build out the right size and configuration of tables to accommodate your wedding party.  

Academy Rental Group

With over 25 years of experience in the Cincinnati wedding rental industry, we have worked with thousands of customers to build their wedding receptions both indoors and out.  We have worked with many local wedding venues like Anderson Center, Honeysuckle Ranch, Willow Event Center, and many private residences.  We have designed countless head table configurations for our Cincinnati wedding tent rentals customers and at reception venues.  If you are interested in a custom design for your head table or more information about renting tables in Cincinnati for your wedding, please do not hesitate to click here reach out to us  or click the button below for a custom quote.