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Having a wide variety of table styles is important to ensure we can assist our customers with each unique event. Having the inventory depth to support it is even better.  We have a large table rental inventory, carrying hundreds of tables of each size.  Do you have a sit-down dinner coming up for 800?  No problem, we have enough 60” rounds to cover that.   A show requiring 300- 6’ vendor tables, got that too.  We also have enough to support the small events along with the big ones.  Just planning an intimate rehearsal dinner for 30. We got it.  Our Cincinnati table rental selection and inventory are the best in town; our staff will work with you to make the right table recommendation based on your event.

What’s the best style table for my Cincinnati event?

Deciding on the right style table for your event may seem trivial, but it’s important.  Our trained staff has years of experience working with 1000 customers to assist them with their events.  During your planning process, we can guide you to select the right tables based on the atmosphere, spacing, and flow of your event.   We will make recommendations; for example, high-top tables are occasionally an overlooked table for weddings and parties but did you know it’s one of our most popular table rental options for all of our events?  It sets the atmosphere, provides a location for guests to congregate, and is an inexpensive way to enhance your event.  Contact us for recommendations or a quote.

Rental Options

High Top

Specialty Rental Options

Square Bistro TAble
Square High Top Table
Serpentine Bar Unit
6' Bar Unit
8' Bar Unit
Fill and Chill Table
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We recently rented chairs and tables for our daughter's engagement party. When we arrived to pick up the items, your crew inspected pallet after pallet of chairs until they found ones acceptable to them for cleanliness. That, and the care they took in loading and unloading them from our vehicles demonstrated their professionalism and concern they have for your customer's satisfaction. Thank you Academy Rental and we look forward to renting from you again.
Table Rental Cincinnati

Optional Table Rental Services

As part of our event services offerings, we can provide table set up and takedown.  Our customers love this service! As we are delivering the tables, we will set them up. We also offer the take-down service as well, so when we are picking up the tables, we can take them down for you. This allows you, the customer, to focus on other aspects of your event and allows other volunteers to focus on other more pressing things to get accomplished. W. Let our trained staff Set Up and/or take down the tables for your event; it’s one less thing for you to worry about or try to round up volunteers to help with.  This service can be split up into Set-Up and Takedown or one or the other. We offer this service as a setup and/or a take-down for our customers. Typically before a wedding or other event, there are many volunteers. Still, when that event is over, even the organizer is “done” So, we can assist by setting up and/or taking down the tables. If you are interested in these services or learning more, ask us about our Chair Rental Set up and Take down services at booking.


Custom Layouts Available

When planning an event, it can be difficult to visualize each table’s layout and know if it will fit in the space.  This is why we provide custom layouts for our customer’s events. All we require are the measurements of the space you are utilizing. We can assist you by preparing a custom layout that will show how many tables and chairs will comfortably fit in your space.  We can also do that for tents, conventions, ceremony chairs, and other events.   These layouts are great for anyone having difficulty visualizing their table rentals in the space they have, and we are happy to assist you with that. 

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About Academy Rental Group

Academy Rental Group is a full-service event rental company offering a boutique customer service approach and high-quality, clean products.  We know that planning an event can be challenging. For over 25 years, we have helped thousands of customers successfully plan their events.  Our professionally trained staff will work hand in hand with you to plan your event; we are there with you if things change to ensure your event is a success.  We specialize in providing memorable, stress-free events by providing rental products to enhance our customer’s events. Our customer-centric approach to exceeding our customer’s expectations has helped us service thousands of events over the years, from small backyard parties to large community events and every size corporate event and wedding in between.  We will ensure that your event is installed safely and ready to go for your event and look forward to planning your event with you.  We are fully insured with the Huesman Schmid Insurance Agency, a Member of the ARA, the proud supplier of  Anderson Township Events many other small and large Cincinnati venues.

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