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Pipe and Drape rentals are a product commonly used within the event industry. There are countless functional ways to apply the pipe and drape to enhance your event.  It can often be found at trade shows or conventions, where it is utilized to create vendor booths, shown above. Runs of pipe and drape are also a great way to divide spaces, provide crowd control movement, storage areas for equipment at large events, and so on.  Most recently, we have serviced requests for COVID Vaccination booths in popup areas to administer vaccines.   Fully customizable, the hardware can be adjusted to work in any space. The drape panels come in a wide variety of textures and lengths and many color combinations and styles.  Below are our 9 Ways to Enhance Your Event with Pipe and Drape.

9 Ways to Enhance Your Event With Pipe and drape

1. Wedding Head Table Backrop

A simple way to create a focal point behind the wedding party is to add a two-tiered backdrop. This really brings the focus and accentuates the head table.   There are a lot of options, you can do multi-colored drapes to complement your floral accents along with your head table decorations or leave it all one color. Add greenery to the backdrop itself to make it pop with more color. Another popular option is adding twinkle lights behind the drape.

Pro-Tip:  Add uplighting to the drape to bring in your wedding colors. 

2. Convention / Expo Booths

Utilizing pipe and drape for your convention/expo booths provides a new level of professionalism and structure to your event.  It provides a defined space for your vendors, a clear path for your guests, and really enhances your event.  While black is the most common color for expos, there are tons of color drape options to bring light to your event and really make it stand out and esthetically pleasing for your guest.  

Pro Tip: Add some similar colored skirting to your tables to coordinate the drape and the skirting colors, so they match. 

3. Stage Backdrop

A great way to define the space for a live band or add professionalism to a corporate presentation and awards ceremony. Adding a stage backdrop allows the people to focus on the presenter and provides a nice clean backdrop, hiding anything behind the stage for photo ops and clarity.  Our stage backdrops go up to 21′ to block out anything behind the stage. 

4. Crowd Control / Stanchions

Adding a three-foot drape as crowd control stanchions is a great example of pipe and drape’s various capabilities.  These stanchions provide a consistent look to your expo or event.  Utilizing the 3′ drape provides a clear barrier and path for your guest to ensure they proceed in the right direction. We offer many different stanchion options, chains, bank style retractable, and velvet rope, but a 3′ drape is our favorite due to its professional look. 

5. Photobooth Backdrop

Photo Booth Pipe and Drape

Here are a fun and affordable way to allow your guests to capture the memories at your event and share them on social media.   There are many ways to set this up, with inexpensive props that can be purchased online or at the store, photo apps, or even a photographer, adding pipe and drape photo booth will be a huge hit with your guests.  

6. Room Divider

Sometimes you want the space to feel smaller, keep people closer, and make your guests feel that they aren’t so far apart.  Pipe and drape room dividers provide a temporary wall to block off areas of space so that your event doesn’t feel so spread out. It also works well for dividing up areas of training seminars, churches and offices.

7. Masking / Hiding Areas

Occasionally referred to as masking, hiding areas with pipe and drape are common and applied in many different areas. We have utilized pipe and drape to hide garage walls in residential homes for parties, catering prep areas for events, storage areas, rough or unsightly walls, the list goes on.  Pipe and Drape is a great resource for hiding areas that you do not want your guests to see.

8. Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

Create an elegant place for your wedding ceremony.  A wedding ceremony backdrop with pipe and drape provides a nice clean backdrop for guests and pictures.  If you are having your ceremony in a location where you do not like the backdrop, it’s easy and cost-effective to enhance it with pipe and drape, add some accents, and you can really make the ceremony space unique to your style. 

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9. Wedding Canopy


Build a four-sided cube and tie the drape panels back to the uprights and create an intimate ceremony where your guests have a clear sightline from all angles. Referred to as Canopies, Chuppahs, Mandaps, all are similar in the shell required.  Add your own flare to make it yours. There are many different options: adding floral accents, lighting, solid drape, sheer drape, two tiers, and more. 

(Photo Credit: Georgia Expo)

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