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How to Choose the Best Table and Chair Rentals for Your Event?

Adding table and chair rentals is the perfect way to provide additional seating for your event without purchasing new or driving all over town to collecting extra tables and chairs 2 and 3 at a time from friends and family. Now you may ask, “where are there places to rent tables and chairs near me”?  Finding those places to rent is easy. Knowing what to order and being prepared with the proper information is more difficult unless you are a seasoned vet in the party rental planning world.  So we created this article: Table and Chair Rental: Ultimate Guide to Renting Tables and Chairs

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So Many Options and questions, what do I do?

There are many options, and it can be overwhelming at times, not to mention there are many different style tables and chairs for rent, so which options should I choose? That question, among many others, like: How many chairs fit at a 60” round table, what about an 8’ table? Should I rent a 6’ table or an 8’ table for food tables? How many tables should I rent if my guest count is 150?  How many rental tables and chairs will fit in the space that I have? are common questions when renting tables and chairs for the first time. 

We are here for you with 25 years of experience as a table and chair rental company if you would like any guidance please do not hesitate to contact us. However, if you are only at the stage of doing your preliminary research and aren’t prepared to reach out just yet we understand and we provided information to answer those questions and more below, enjoy. 

What to Consider when Renting Tables and Chairs:

There are many key factors to consider when choosing to rent chairs and tables for your next event.   The information below is 11 factors to consider. 


Key factors to consider are: 

  • Budget:  Determine your budget for the tables and chairs.
  • What is the event style: Is it Formal/Fancy – Basic/Casual – Rustic and anywhere in between?
  • Timing of your event: What day is your event on? What is the time of your event?
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Is your event going to be held inside or outside? 
  • Guest Size: Will everyone is seated at one time? Will you “turntables” to have multiple people sit down at different times? How many guests would you like seated at one time?
  • Space Size: What is the size of the space where the items will be placed (i.e., 40’ x 30’)
  • Additional Table Needs: Will you require any ancillary tables for your event, such as food tables, cake tables, high tops, registration tables, etc. 
  • Delivery and Pick Up Requirements: Are you able to pick up the items or require delivery? 
  • Weight Limits: Do you require chairs with any weight restrictions?
  • Specific Delivery and Pick Up Requirements: If the location is not at your residence, are there any delivery or pick-up requirements? Do they need to be delivered or picked up on the weekend or at a specific time?  
  • Drop Off Location: Will the items be moved up steps or an elevator?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you obtain an accurate quote and product recommendations for your event. 

How Do Table and Chair Rental Services Work?

Once you have identified the answers to the key factors listed above, it’s best to reach out to a local chair and table rental provider to discuss their specific options and obtain any recommendations for your event and/or location.  Each provider may have different products, inventory availability, delivery, and pick up options.  Once you have determined that you would like to move forward with the reservation, it’s always best to go – ahead and place the reservation on hold. When you place the reservation on hold, you confirm that you would like to rent the items, and the rental company will place a “hold” on those items allocating their inventory for your event. 

What is required to book the reservation?   Each rental company may have a slightly different set of requirements for booking tables and chairs, but generally, the below are required:

  1. Signed Invoice 
  2. Signed Terms and Conditions
  3. Credit Card Number
  4. A ~ 50% non-refundable deposit (typically can be paid in check or on the card)  

Additional Information that may be required:

  1. Day of Contact and Cell Phone Number
  2. Delivery Address
  3. Delivery/Pick Up Time Requirements
  4. Are you interested in Set-Up/Take Down Services: Set up and take down services are when a customer hires the rental company to set up and take down the tables and/or chairs for the customer so that they don’t have too. Typically an agreed-upon layout for where the tables and chairs will be placed is required. 

Table And Chair Delivery and Pick Up Options

How do delivery and pick up work for your tables and chair rental service?  We get this question a lot; it’s common.  Before detailing various delivery and pick up scenarios, we would like to point out one option that is also popular among customers, especially with smaller orders. 

A standard option for most table and chair rental companies is to offer the customer availability to pick up the items at their location.

Customer Pick Up and Drop Off: Picking up the items from the customer’s location would save on delivery cost (which could be anywhere from $50 – $300 depending on your situation), but the customer does need to allocate time and potentially obtain a larger vehicle to pick up the items, depending on the size of the order. 

For Delivery and Pick up of your items: What we find common for a weekend event is a Thur/Fri delivery, and a Mon/Tue pick up. Typically the rental company you choose(You should definitely choose Academy Rental Group :)) will notify you of the estimated delivery/pick up day and time a week in advance via phone or email.  Occasionally, companies can provide a specific delivery/pick-up day and time at booking; however, many companies leave the delivery/pick-up days and times open to allow flexibility for other jobs to close and then batch those deliveries out together.  Generally, you should know your estimated delivery and pick-up times between 1 week and 72 hours of your event.

Specific Delivery/ Pick Up Day or Time: If your event requires a specific delivery/pick up day or time, please notify the event rental company.  There may be an additional fee to meet the specific delivery/pickup day and time requirements.  For example, if your wedding venue requires that you do not access the location before 12 pm – 5 pm on Friday, your event rental company may charge a specific delivery fee (i.e., $75) to deliver your items during that time period.  These options are common and can typically be accommodated, but due to these requests’ specific nature, rental company truck routing requires adjusting, and there are additional charges. 

Weekday Events: For those with a weekday event, typically a delivery, unless a specific delivery or pick up time is required, is made a day or two before with a day or two pick up after. If the event is a Friday day event, those items may not be picked up the following Monday/Tuesday. 

Weekend Delivery and/or Pick Up:  Occasionally, weekend delivery and/or pick-up are required for some venues and even surprise parties. When that is the case, there may be an additional delivery/pick up charge for those services. These charges are mainly due to overtime pay required for employees, routing specific to one delivery/pick up and delivery and/or picking up on a weekend when offices may be closed. Roughly the cost would start at $150 each way depending on the amount of staff required

Table Size and Seating Capacity Diagram

Detailed below is a table size and seating capacity diagram that displays the most comfortable seating arrangements for each size table.  There are also size recommendations for ancillary products that you may find useful during your party planning process. 

Round Table Seating Capacity

  • 30″ Round Seats 2 Guests Comfortably
  • 36″ Round Seats 4 Guests Comfortably
  • 48″ Round Seats 6 Guests Comfortably
  • 60″ Round Seats 8 Guests Comfortably
  • 72″ Round Seats 10 Guests Comfortably

Banquet Table Seating Capacity

  • 4′ Banquet Seats 4 Guests Comfortably
  • 6′ Banquet Seats 6 Guests Comfortably
  • 8′ Banquet Seats 8 Guests Comfortably

Table and Chair Rental Prices & Styles

Before we begin to detail the most popular styles we utilize for each event, we wanted to break down the many different table and chair rental price ranges and styles.  To provide an overview of all the most popular options from the cheap table and chair rentals to the most expensive.  Table and Chair rental prices will vary based on your location. These are US based prices and are comparable in every area.  Our location is in Cincinnati, Ohio; these are the rental price ranges provided below.   While this list below is not all-encompassing as there are many region-specific and/or unique chairs, there are just too many to list; we included the most popular to the event and party rental industry along with colors.  

Folding Chair Rental Options

White Poly Chair Rental Cincinnati

#1 Choice for budget-friendly events

Poly Folding – Samsonite Chairs | Indoor and Outdoor Options | Standard Colors: White / Black / Charcoal / Brown. 

Lightweight, durable, and stackable. White plastic seat, back, and frame for indoor and outdoor use. Great for cheap table and chair rentals, corporate events, private parties, holiday parties, fundraisers, and more. Folded Size: 17.5″W x 2.5″D x 38.25″H.

$1.00 – $2.00

Fanback Chair Rental Cincinnati - White

#1 Choice for wedding ceremony chairs

Fanback Folding Chairs | Indoor and Outdoor Options | Standard Colors: White and Black.  

The contoured back adds comfort to the chair compared to similar poly folding chairs.  Most popularly used for Formal graduations, wedding ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, and more. Lightweight, durable, and stackable.  Fanback chair is plastic with a white seat, back, and frame for indoor and outdoor use. Contoured seat and back for maximum comfort for your guests. Great for weddings, ceremonies, corporate events, private parties, holiday parties, and more. Folded Size: 17.5″W x 2.5″D x 42.50″L. Recommended Weight Capacity: 275LBs

$1.75 – $2.25

Padded Garden Chair Rental - White

#1 Choice for Wedding Receptions and Galas

Padded Garden Chairs | Folding Indoor and Outdoor Options | Standard Colors: White / Black / Natural Oak / Mahogany

Chairs come with a white padded seat and a resin frame. These are great for wedding ceremonies and receptions, galas, auctions, and private parties. They have a wider stance than our samsonite or fanback chairs and provide more comfortable seating for your guests. Lightweight, durable and stackable Folded Size: 17.5″W x 2.25″D x 35″H. Recommend Weight Capacity 275LBs & 1000LB’s

   $3.00 – $4.00

Non-Folding Chairs

Fruitwood Chivari Chairs W/ Black Pad

Chivari Chairs | Indoor and Outdoor | Standard Color Chairs: Mahogany, Gold, Silver, White, Black, Champagne | Pad Colors: Various

Extremely popular for higher-end weddings and events. These chairs require a pad for the seat and stack in quantities of 10.  Resin or Wood Construction.  15.75″ W x 36.5″ H x 18.5″ D. Standard Weight Limit: 1000 LB’s depending on Manufacture.

$6.00 – $9.00

Ghost Chairs | Indoor and Outdoor | Standard Colors: Clear, Black, White

Designed for Indoor and Outdoor this Modern plastic molded style chair stacks 7 high.  15″ W x 35.75″ H x 19.5″ D 

$15.00  – $26.00

Crossback Chair

Crossback Chairs | Indoor and Outdoor | 

High-End Rustic Weddings.  Stacks 8 high.  Typically utilized with a chair pad.  17.5″ W x 35″ H x  21.5″D. Standard Weight Limit 400 LB’s

$10.00 – $15.00

Bar Stools

Black Leather Seat – Chrome Barstool| Indoor and Outdoor Use

A perfect addition to any bar set up and high top tables.  It breaks down into three pieces for easy transportation—lightweight and easy to more.  

$10.00 – $12.00

Black Barstool with Back Rental

Black Barstool with Back | Indoor and Outdoor | Colors: Black 

A go-to for the standard rental bar stool. Offers a ladder back and vinyl seat for comfort. Great for seating around high-top tables and/or conventions. 17″ W x 42.25″ H x  18″ D. Standard Weight Limit 400 lbs.

$15 – $18.00

Chivari Barstool |Indoor and Outdoor | Standard Color Chairs: Mahogany, Gold, Silver, White, Black, Champagne | Pad Colors: Various

Add elegance to your event by adding a chivari barstool. Lightweight and elegant design. Requires a seat pad. 

$13.00 – $15.00

Lounge Furniture

Various lounge furniture types are used now for weddings, conventions, galas, corporate events, and other events. They are used to have a commonplace to sit down and relax, have a drink, and talk.  Each company may offer a little different style, but your standard product offerings are couches, chairs, end tables, coffee tables, rugs, and more. 

Round Folding Tables Rental Options

72 Round Table

48″ Round Folding Table | Wood or Plastic | Standard Height 30″ | Comfortably seats 6 guests

Great table for indoor seating where space is limited. Also utilized for cake tables and gift tables.

$7.50 – $9.00

#1 Choice for guests seating

60″ Round Folding Table | Wood or Plastic | Standard Height 30″ | Comfortably seats 8 guests

Great for areas without size restrictions and any occasion.

$8.00 – $9.50

72 Round Table

72″ Round Folding Table | Wood | Standard Height 30″ | Comfortably seats 10 guests

Great for areas without size restrictions. Most common for weddings, galas, school auctions, and large events.  

$13.00 – $15.00

Banquet Folding Table Rental Options

8' Banquet Table Rental Cincinnati

4′  Banquet Table | Wood or Plastic | Standard Width and Height 30″ | Comfortably seats 4 guests

Recommended for seating where space is limited. Great for convention tables to display products.  

$7.00 – $8.50

8' Banquet Table Rental Cincinnati

6′ Banquet Table | Wood or Plastic | Standard Width and Height 30″ | Comfortably seats 6 guests

Tables rentals are great for guest seating, gift tables, food and drink tables, and more.

$7.50 – $9.00

8' Banquet Table Rental Cincinnati

8′ Banquet Table | Wood or Plastic | Standard Width & Height 30″ | Comfortably seats 8 guests

Great for guest seating, gift tables, head tables, food and drink tables, vendor tables, and more.

$8.00 – $9.50

Classroom Table Rentals

6′ & 8′ Classroom Tables | Wood or Plastic | Standard Width 18″ 

Lightweight tables make moving and transportation easy. An 8′ x 18′ classroom table seats 4 guests on each side, and a 6′ x 18″ classroom table seats 3 guests on each side. Most popular uses classroom tables for training, classrooms, and testing.

$8.00 – $9.00

Bar / Drink / Serving Tables

Bar Units:  6′ / 8′ / Serpentine Bar Units

Standard rental bar units in the rental world are typically made up of a standard table (6′ / 8′ / Serpentine) with an 18″ riser as the front of the bar, allowing room for the bartender to work on the lower table. There is skirting added to the front of the bar and linen to the top bar.   Perfect for satellite bars at wedding receptions, galas, or private parties.

$45.00 – $75.00

Rustic Bar Rental

Specialty Bars:

Depending on your location and rental company,  there are a large number of specialty bars.  Each rental location may offer something a little unique or different. Typically these are custom made and then rented. Contact your party rental company for any options they may offer. These are a great addition for a focal point, showcase bar. 


Serpentine Table Rental

Serpentine TablesWood | Standard Width & Height 30″

This semi-circular wood folding table creates a serpentine half circle or full circle table. You, too, can create beautiful arrangements for weddings, banquets. 

$9.00 – $11.00

Fill and chill table rental

6′ Fill and Chill Table| Plastic 

Keep it filled with ice and put in your food and drinks so they will stay cold. 

  • Fill it with ice and keep all the party favors cool.
  • Exterior Dimensions are 73L x 31W x 6.5H in.
  • Interior Dimensions are 69L x 29W x 3.5H in.
  • Weight capacity is 500 lbs.

$40.00 – $50.00 

High Top / Bistro Tables / Umbrella Tables

High Top Table Rental

High Top Tables | 24″  / 30″ / 36″ Round | 42″ Tall

Perfect addition for any event by adding a cocktail party area with these high top tables.  4 Guests comfortably stand or sit around each area. Most Popular Tables and a customer favorite. 30″ Round is the most popular size bistro table. 

They breakdown into 3 pieces for easy transportation.

$7.75 – $8.50

Bistro Tables | 24″  / 30″ / 36″ Round | 30″ Tall

Intimate dining and perfect for small areas to add seating.  2 guests comfortably around a 24″ round and 4 guests can sit comfortably around a 30″ or a 36″.  36″ Round is the most popular size bistro table. 

They breakdown into 3 pieces for easy transportation.

$7.75 – $8.00

Umbrella Tables | Wood or Plastic | Most Common size 48″ Round | Standard Height 30″. 

Unique outdoor seating with style. Great for cocktail parties and community events. Seats 6 guests comfortably. Umbrella Colors Vary.  Occasionally comes as a kit with tables and chairs. 

$25.00 – $40.00

What Style Tables and Chairs Should I Rent for My Event?

There are lots of choices out there for renting tables and chairs. When renting chairs for weddings, there are various chairs to rent, such as padded chairs, chiavari chairs, and basic poly folding chairs. For folding tables, there are guest tables, food tables, cake tables, and an array of ancillary tables to fit your style. 

With corporate events depending on how upscale of an event you are planning, you may only require banquet tables for your guests and basic chairs for a BBQ, or if you are planning more of a swanky event, you may need guests tables, food tables, high top tables and more upscale chairs like padded garden chairs and bar stools.  Occasionally, for a backyard party, a customer is searching for cheap table and chair rentals. This is for events like backyard parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc. For these events, customers are typically searching for the most economical way to seat as many people as possible.   Choosing the right tables and chairs for your event depends on your event’s flow, budget, and how upscale you would like. Below we have provided the most popular options for your event based on the style event.

Corporate Event Tables and Chairs

Corporate Events or luncheons range in their products depending on how upscale you would like your corporate event. When planning an employee appreciation luncheon, 60” rounds or 8’ banquet tables along with poly or fan back chairs, food tables are best utilized for guest seating.   For more upscale corporate events, Chiavari chairs, ghost chairs, and padded chairs are the most popular.  72” rounds for guests tables, high top tables, food tables, bar units, drink tables.

Renting Tables and Chairs for your Graduation?

School Graduation Chair Rental

While each school has different budgets for graduation ceremonies, the most popular chairs we see with most schools are the white fanback or poly chairs.  Padded Garden chairs are also popular for the ceremony set up.  Tables are occasionally utilized for graduations to display/stock diplomas but more popular for these events are stages, stage steps, pipe and drape backdrops, and podiums. 

Graduations Parties

For most graduation parties outside, the most popular tables are 60” round or 8’ banquet tables for your guest’s seating. Ancillary tables like 6’ banquet tables for food, 48” rounds for gifts and cake are often popular. High top tables are great for guests to grab a quick bite to eat, they don’t typically have chairs with them, but you can add bar stools.  The most popular chairs for backyard graduation parties are the poly folding chairs or the fanback chairs due to their low cost.  

Pro Tip:  A  rule of thumb for planning a graduation party is to have enough seating for half of your guests count. The same is true if you were planning for a tent or a graduation tent package.

Wedding Chair Rental Cincinnati

Tables and Chair Rentals for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

Chairs for Wedding Ceremonies

It’s common practice when renting chairs for wedding ceremonies to have a separate set of chairs from your wedding reception chairs if both are located outside at the same location.  By doing this, you alleviate the stress of having someone or contracting someone to move chairs from the ceremony site to the reception area.  If you are renting chairs for a short ceremony with a budget, we would typically recommend a white poly folding chair or, if offered, a white fanback folding chair. If you have the budget to support an upgraded chair for wedding ceremonies, we would recommend a padded chair, either white or if you are going for a more rustic look, a natural oak or mahogany chair could also work.  

Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Receptions:

There is a wide range of chair offerings for indoor and outdoor wedding receptions to fit your style and budget.  Chivari are more popular with the higher end receptions and budgets. Unique chairs like Ghost chairs are great for indoor weddings; our most popular wedding reception chairs are the white or natural oak padded garden chairs for indoor and outdoor weddings.  They are relatively inexpensive and provide a nice, comfortable chair for guests. 

Typically, a 60″ round is used for seating in outdoor weddings, while 72″ are popular for indoor weddings.  Banquet tables are used for head tables, food tables, bar back tables, gift tables, small rounds like 36″ and 48″ are used for cake tables, gift tables, and sweetheart tables.  

Bars and Bar Units are also popular additions to compliment the high-top tables and, of course, Dance Floor. 

Galas, Auctions, Stags and School Function

With Galas and School functions/auctions, most customers rent 72” rounds tables and either white padded garden chairs or occasionally Chivari Chairs.  More white padded or padded garden chairs being utilized because of their price point. These chairs provide comfort and an excellent price point that provides a classy feel for their guests and saves money/ raises more money for the school, which is the main objective for these upscale school events.  Ancillary tables, like auction tables, food and food prep tables, high tops, bar units, and drink tables, are often popular with these style events. 

When it comes to school stags, these events are slightly different than galas and auctions. The objective and guests are slightly different, so maximizing space and expenses are the most important. The most popular tables are 60” rounds,  8’ banquet tables, or both with poly folding chairs.  High top tables, food tables, and tables for panel/speakers are also popular.

Convention and Expo:

Convention and Expo Rentals are pipe and drape booths and typically 1-  6’ or 8’ banquet table and 2 indoor poly chairs. Depending on the expo, there are other table options such as classroom tables with or without leg extenders, high top tables, or even lounge furniture for your potential customers to relax in your booth.

Expo Rental Cincinnati

Cheap Table and Chair Rentals

We typically recommend the lowest grade poly folding chairs and 8’ banquet tables for those customers searching for a cheap table and chair rentals.  While generally speaking, an 8’ table and a 60” table is the same cost per table; you can comfortably fit more guests by utilizing the end caps of an 8’ table seating 10 guests per table comfortably as opposed to the 8 guests you can seat at a 60” round.   Your average cost for an 8’ banquet table and 10 chairs (excluding linens) is approx. $20. This will be the cheapest table and chair rental option for your guests. Adding standard poly linen would increase the cost by another $10 on the cheap side, up to $25 for floor-length linens, depending on how fancy you would like to get with the standard linen.  

It’s not always just about price:

It’s worth noting that when searching for “cheap table and chair rentals near me,” there are a lot of other factors that go into your overall vendor selection than just cost –  including reliability, quality (yes, even with the cheap table and chair rental options) to keep in mind when choosing your rental provider.  If the objective is to operate with a tight budget or have a “no-frills” event, that’s very common. Many great tables and chairs rental companies have an option for budget-friendly products; you can find them from almost every company.  

Layouts and Custom CAD Drawings

When working with a party rental company for your event, they should provide a layout for your tables and chairs to show spacing and set up arrangements for your guests. You can utilize these layouts to help visualize spacing and table seating charts.  These Party CAD Layouts are beneficial in visualize planning out your event.  Custom layouts can be tailored to your event and space. Contact us for more information on layouts. 

Don't Forget to Add Linens for your tables

Don’t forget your linen rentals. There are many different options and styles to fit any occasion and table.  

About Academy Rental Group:

Academy rental group offers a wide variety of table and chair rentals in the Cincinnati tri-state area for any occasion.  We have serviced thousands of events from weddings, corporate events, backyard parties, and large community gatherings with our tables and chairs.   Our Cincinnati table and chair rental inventory is one of the largest in the city. So, we can support any guests count from 10 – 5000. We are a member of the ARA and work with many local fundraisers, wedding venues, and cities in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, and Warren County.  If you would like a quote or to speak with someone about your upcoming event, please contact us at 513-772-1929 or click the button below to request a free quote.