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Can You Heat an Outdoor Party Tent in the winter?

Can you heat an outdoor party tent in the winter?  Yes, we install outdoor heated tent rentals in Cincinnati all the time in the winter. So, you definitely can heat an outdoor party tent in the winter.   We actually do it more often than you would think.  A large part of the reason is due to the way we can heat the tents.  We offer products like party tent heaters, sidewalls, flooring, and more as part of the Cincinnati Tent Rental inventory. 

Utilizing these products will keep your guests comfortable and warm when having outdoor events when the temperature drops.  Tents are no longer only a summertime novelty for outdoor parties.    Heating a party tent in winter for Christmas parties, weddings, and other events has become very common.  

When Can You Use Outdoor Heated Tent Rentals for Weddings and Parties?

Typically, we see the need for outdoor heated tent rentals in Cincinnati starting in Mid – Late October through April.   These events are typically weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, bars, and restaurants.  When the temperature is below 65 degrees at night, it’s good to start planning ways to heat your tent.  During 2020 -2021, with the Covid -19 issues, many bars and restaurants turned to heated tents to expand dining. This allowed those businesses to serve more guests and increase sales. 

How to Keep a Rental Tent Warm in the Winter?

In the world of outdoor heated tent rentals, there are many options for heating and outdoor tents.  First, no matter how cold it is out, you will need to add sidewalls to your tent.  In months like October, it may be possible that sidewall rentals are all you need to heat your tent.  Secondly, if the weather is cold enough that sidewalls will not keep the heat in to keep your guests warm, you will want to add party tent rental heaters.  Depending on the size of your tent, you may require more than one heater. 

In Cincinnati, depending on how cold it is, we typically would recommend; 1 for a 20×30 tent and 2-3 for a 40×60 outdoor wedding party tent. Of course, the amount of heaters required depends on many factors; depending on the temperature outside, some or all of the items below may be necessary to ensure you keep your guests warm and cozy during your event. 


7x20 Solid Sidewall Rental

Solid Sidewalls: Solid sidewalls are an inexpensive way to wrap your tent and add sides.  Typically used to compliment sidewalls with windows.  These come in 20′ and 40′ sections and clip to a rope located around the perimeter of the tent. 

$30 – $60

8 x 40 Cathedral Window Sidewall Rental Cincinnati

Window Sidewalls: Our most popular sidewalls allow light to come in through their windows and provide a beautiful look from the inside and out.  These come in 20′ and 40′ sections and clip to a rope located around the perimeter of the tent.

$60 – $120

175K BTU Tent Heater Rental

Tent Heater Rental: Tent heaters use a 100# propane tank and a fan, located in the box party tent heater, to force hot air into the tent much like your furnace does at home.  A standard electrical outlet is required to power the fan on these units.  Both party tent heater options, 80K and 170K BTU comes with a 1 – 100lbs propane tank. 

$250 – $300

Tent Heater Duct Rental Cincinnati

Tent Heater Duct:  These are added to the tent heater to allow space between the tent heater unit and the tent.  Depending on your local municipality/building codes, there may be a requirement to keep the heaters and propane 10′ from the tent.  


Tent Heater Diffuser Rental Cincinnati

Tent Heater Diffuser: A diffuser is utilized to disperse the heat in multiple directions. It can be attached directly to the heater or occasionally to the ductwork. 


Subfloor Rental Cincinnati

Tent Subfloor:   When the temperature significantly drops for a long period of time the ground stays cold. Tent flooring/subfloor provides a barrier between the cold ground to help keep your guest’s feet warm.  The price provided is for a 4’x4′ subfloor section, we can provide custom pricing and sizes, depending on your tent size. 


Not Recommended for Tents

Radiant Patio Heater Rentals

Stand Up, radiant propane heaters or “bar heaters” we do not recommend placing in a tent.  They are not manufactured to be placed indoors, and the propane burn off fumes can be smelled in the tent.  On many occasions, we have customers inquire about these heaters in their tents, and while these tents work for areas outside of tents, we think it’s worth noting that these are not a good solution for inside the tents. 

If you plan on utilizing this style heater for outdoor use on more than 1 or 2 occasions, you may want to look at purchasing this product.

What Factors Should I Think About When Renting a Heated Outdoor Wedding Tent

When considering a heated tent for rent in the winter, there are a few items that you should think about. 

Tent Lighting: When sidewalls are added to a tent, even during the day, adding light is helpful, the sidewalls eliminate (especially solid sidewalls) the natural light. 

Access to Electric: Running heaters and lights require access to electricity and extension cords. Identifying where the electricity is in advance will assist in any potential day of mishaps. 

Entrance/Exit: In advance of delivery, it’s always good to think about where your guests will enter and exit to ensure guests’ appropriate flow.

Tent Egress: For the safety of your guests, when wrapping the tent in sidewalls, you will want to ensure you have the proper egress and exits available in case of an emergency. You will want those exits identified to ensure when they exit the tent; it leads to an open area for clearance. 

Tent Heaters Location:  We can always make recommendations on the tent heater placement but knowing the spots for where the tent heaters should be placed to heat the tent evenly, accesses electric outlets, and keeping them out of the way is a balancing act, so it’s something to think through before installation.  

Event Time and Length: On average, a 100# propane tank will last approx 8 hours.  Typically, customers will run the heaters while decorating also. So, ensuring you have enough propane to run the heaters for your event is obviously important. Plan out the estimated times to ensure you have enough propane to avoid any potential day of outages. For those customers with multiple-day events, you may need to rent more than one propane tank. 

Weather Forecast:  We recommend monitoring the weather forecast to ensure if any adjustments need to be made to ensure your party tent is warm, we can make those adjustments together, ahead of time. 

Ground Shape: During the cold months, it takes the ground longer to dry out. So, if the ground is soft or even muddy, it’s good to know in advance that you can prepare for the installation and event appropriately by adding straw or subfloor over the area where the tent will be located so that your guests don’t track mud around. 

What are the Benefits of a Heated Tent Rental

When adding a heated tent rental in Cincinnati, you add additional square footage to your home, business, or community event for a relatively inexpensive cost. 

You provide shelter for your guests in potentially inclement weather, making them comfortable during a fall and winter event.  With tent heaters able to increase temperatures by 20 + degrees, you can bring warmth and comfort to your event. 

Outdoor Heated Tent Rental Cost, How Much More Is It?

How much does an outdoor heated tent rental cost?  We developed the below reference guide to help customers estimate roughly the cost for an outdoor heated tent rental.  Many factors go into the cost; type of sidewall, size of the tent, the temperature outside, how many guests will be under the tent, how tall the tent is, etc.  Below are rough estimates using the tent heaters manufacturers’ guidelines for what an outdoor heated tent rental would cost.  Please keep in mind that the below cost does not include the tent’s actual cost and estimates the products required to heat your tent.  To learn more tent styles, click here Pole Tent vs Frame tent and what the differences are. 

Tent Heater Reference Guide

Click the button to download your free Tent Heater Reference Guide, which includes the outdoor heated tent rental cost for adding sidewalls and heaters. 

Safely Heating your Tent in the Winter

Now that you have enclosed your party tent to keep the heat in and keep your guests warm, 3 important safety protocols should be followed to ensure your guests remain safe. Following the local building codes, we here at Academy Rental Group recommend the following 3 safety improvements to your tent to ensure your guests’ safety.     

  1. Ensure there are enough lights in the tent for guests to see during your event.
  2. Add the proper amount of exits based on your tent size, including exit signs with egress and fire extinguishers. Keep all exit signs plugged in at all times. 
  3. Keep all propane tanks 10′ away from the tent and secured not to be tipped over.  

With our expertise and experience, we can assist you with the guideline listed above to ensure your event is safe and warm.  

How to Prepare for your Outdoor Winter Party Tent

When preparing for your outdoor winter party tent, a few housekeeping items need to be completed before your delivery. First, clear the area where the tent will be located for a fast and seamless install.  Second, be prepared for any wet ground. 

Typically when it’s cold enough for snow, it could be wet the day before or after due to snow or rain the day prior, and it’s tough to dry that up in the winter. Adding tent rental flooring or straw are solutions to those potential issues. Thirdly, make sure all electric outlets for exit signs and heaters are in working condition.  Finally, have your extension cords ready to plug in the exit signs and heaters for testing(If we are not providing them for you). 

Academy Rental Group

Academy Rental Group has serviced thousands of heated outdoor wedding tents and events over the years in Cincinnati, Ohio. When looking for a heated tent to rent, we are your one-stop shop.   We have a wide variety of tent heaters, sidewalls, and more to fulfill large and small orders. We also provide table and chair rentals, linen rentals to complement our Cincinnati tent rentals. 

Our professionally trained staff will work with you to plan your event while utilizing our expertise to ensure your guest are warm and cozy during your event.  So, if you are searching for a heated tent to rent and a reliable Cincinnati tent rental company please contact us for your consultation at 513.772.1929 or click the button below to submit a quote request a quote.