Tent Side Pole Fans

Tent side pole fan cost includes installation. Customer is responsible for ensuring there is electric from the location of the fan to the outlet. If necessary, we do offer extension cord rental options.

Our clients like the 12″ Tent sidepole fan rental because it moves a lot of air and is a great addition to any summer occasions! The fans attach to the sidepoles of the tent, and provide a nice clean look for your outdoor event. As a result, they don’t take up any floor space in our around the tent. We recommend you add on an extension cord for each fan.


Fan Specs:

Diameter: 12″

Horsepower: 1/10 hp (0.075 kw)

Frequency: 60 Hz

Voltage: 115/230V

Current: 1.3 / .65A

Phase: 1 ph

Diameter: 12″

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