20×50 Frame Tent (80 Guests)

Great for long, narrow area, the 20×50 frame tent rental provides 1000 sq feet of additional space. It comfortably seats 80 guests at 10 – 60″ rounds or 8′ banquet tables. Frame tents are anchored by stakes, water barrels, concrete or any combination on asphalt, concrete or in grass.

Frame tents feature unobstructed interiors with no center poles in the middle. We stake 3′ out on the perimeter and require a 23’x53’x 16′ installation area. If we can’t use stakes, we will use 22 – 440# weighted anchors (concrete or water barrels) instead.

Frame tents require 10 lbs of resistance per square feet according to most municipalities. Water barrels and/or concrete anchors will be required and come at an additional cost. We suggest that you have water barrels filled and dumped in the location of the tent location.

We do not include tables, chairs and tent sides in the cost of a tent rental. If you would like tables, chairs and tent sides you may order them a-la-carte.

We do not recommend staking into asphalt at a residential location but we can do it at commercial locations with prior approval from the customer or the venue. For your convenience, we include the set up and take down in the price of the tent rental. However, delivery, pick up, and taxes are additional.

We install frame tents with 42″ stakes driven into the ground. We’re able to back fill the holes with blacktop once we remove the stake at a cost of $5 per hole. Please check that any private utility lines, sprinkler systems, geothermal or any other underground lines are marked before the installation. If you find there are underground lines present, please notify Academy Rental Group prior to your event.

We’re happy to contact OUPS prior to installation with a 96hr advance booking of your installation date. You are responsible for contacting local municipalities for tent permit requirements. Permit requirements may alter your tent rental capacity.

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